Tuesday 20 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 5 - Christmas Entertaining

So your hosting a Christmas party. I am too, on Christmas Day! A massive party with 30ish people. The whole family. Anyway. Whatever type of Christmas party you are having, refer to this post!  

To give gifts or to not give gifts 
Do you want to give Christmas presents to your party guests? Before you decide you may want to ask yourself a few questions....... 
- Are you close to this person? 
- Do you usually give this person a gift? 
- Is there another occasion where you should give them a gift? 
- Have they gotten you a gift? 

There is a middle bar. If you don't want to give your guests gifts you could give them party favours. These are much less expensive.

Ideas for Christmas Party Favours  
-Gingerbread Stars wrapped with cellophane and ribbon
-A jar of homemade jam or chutney  
-A mixtape of your favourite songs or Christmas carols(See here for Christmas Carols you may be interested in) 
-A hand soap or moisturizer (see here and here)  

Go for food that suits the mood, the people and the weather. If it's casual don't have a massive turkey. If it's actually on Christmas don't be afraid to be a bit extravagent.  
For Christmas recipes and menu's see this post  

See here   

Festive Conversation Staters
Plans for the New Year
Plans for Christmas
Christmas Wishlists 
Christmas Food 

Getting into the Spirit 
As I always say with parties BE PREPARED! Stay calm and have fun. Listen to Christmas music to get into the spirit more. Spray your house with pine tree spray if nessercery, just make your house as Christmasy as it can be  

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