Thursday 29 December 2011

10 Fabulous Things I Have In My Life

So Christmas is over and the New Year is on it's way. At the moment there are so many utterly fabulous things in my life and also tons of things I want in my life (stuff I want to buy). So I thought I should share them with you so you can buy them or do them.  

1. Christmas Leftovers 
Our house is now stuffed with food we can use for cooking and snacking. Makes it so much easier to put together a meal. 
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2. My Bike 
One of my fabulous Christmas presents was a new bike! It hasn't actually arrived yet I'm going to get it in a few hours. I am so excited I can't wait. The bike is from Tokyo Bikes which is a Tokyo based company that takes inspiration from Tokyo where lots of people ride bikes.  

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3. Long Walks 
They are so rejuvinating. I'm doing one today!  


4. My New Lip Gloss  
I have a lot of lip glosses in my time and I can frankly say this one is the best. It smells divine and looks glamorous. It's by shu uemura. You should all get it! 

5. My Handbag   
If anything helps me to be organised it's this. It's a stylish handbag with everything I need.  

6. Japanese Food  
It's fresh and delicious. What's not to love? 

7. The New Year 
I'm looking forward to wiping the slate clean and all the exciting things the new year brings.  

8. Don't Worry Be Happy by Guy Sebastian   
This is what I call an uplighting song. The tune's fine and most importantly the lyrics make you happy.  

9. My H & M Dress   
It's a black and white striped summer dress with short sleeves and small buttons. It's comfortable and very chic. It's really easy to acessorize as well. The motto of this sorta of story/description is H&M is awesome.  

10. Vanilla & Elderflower Ice Cream  
If anything tastes like heaven. It's this. The ultimate summer staple. 


I hope you enjoyed 
Happy New Year  
Get writing those resolutions 

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