Thursday 29 December 2011

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Hello Everyone 
Hope your day is going well. It is an absolutely beautiful day in Sydney. I have been riding around my ever so lovely city on my BRAND NEW BIKE. 

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10 Fabulous Things I Have In My Life

So Christmas is over and the New Year is on it's way. At the moment there are so many utterly fabulous things in my life and also tons of things I want in my life (stuff I want to buy). So I thought I should share them with you so you can buy them or do them.  

1. Christmas Leftovers 
Our house is now stuffed with food we can use for cooking and snacking. Makes it so much easier to put together a meal. 
Photo from

2. My Bike 
One of my fabulous Christmas presents was a new bike! It hasn't actually arrived yet I'm going to get it in a few hours. I am so excited I can't wait. The bike is from Tokyo Bikes which is a Tokyo based company that takes inspiration from Tokyo where lots of people ride bikes.  

Photo from

3. Long Walks 
They are so rejuvinating. I'm doing one today!  


4. My New Lip Gloss  
I have a lot of lip glosses in my time and I can frankly say this one is the best. It smells divine and looks glamorous. It's by shu uemura. You should all get it! 

5. My Handbag   
If anything helps me to be organised it's this. It's a stylish handbag with everything I need.  

6. Japanese Food  
It's fresh and delicious. What's not to love? 

7. The New Year 
I'm looking forward to wiping the slate clean and all the exciting things the new year brings.  

8. Don't Worry Be Happy by Guy Sebastian   
This is what I call an uplighting song. The tune's fine and most importantly the lyrics make you happy.  

9. My H & M Dress   
It's a black and white striped summer dress with short sleeves and small buttons. It's comfortable and very chic. It's really easy to acessorize as well. The motto of this sorta of story/description is H&M is awesome.  

10. Vanilla & Elderflower Ice Cream  
If anything tastes like heaven. It's this. The ultimate summer staple. 


I hope you enjoyed 
Happy New Year  
Get writing those resolutions 

Friday 23 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 8 - How to 'survive' Christmas

I know it can be stressful on Christmas Day but for most people it usually turns out fine in the end. For some it never turns out fine and they dread Christmas day. I love Christmas Day. Full stop. 

If your family breaks into a feud 
Go into the bathroom take out your phone and play a game of angry birds or two. Then if you can't hear the fight anymore then go back out if not whisper to your grandma or mother that you feel sick and go and have the time of your life somewhere else.  

If no one has anything to say and there is a very awkward silence 
Ask people questions. Comment on the food. Talk about plans for the new year. Start conversations. Check out this site 

If you are spending Christmas alone  
Make yourself a lovely lunch and watch Christmas movies. Call up some friend for a chat. Go for a long walk whilst listening to calming music such as Christmas carols or maybe even go on a trip.  
For more idea's check out Yesterday's post 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas 
Remember the meaning of Christmas and that it is about peace and joy and love. Don't worry I'm sure you will get some fabulous presents and eat some fabulous food. Try and make it the best day of the year so far. 


Thursday 22 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 7 - 50 Things You Could Do On Christmas Day

I figure most of you already have plans for Christmas Day but these things are only small. Some only take an hour or so, some take 5 minutes some only take a few seconds.They are fun, fab and beneficial.  

1. Eat some chocolate 
2. See people 
3. Think of the other people in the world who are not as happy as you today. 
4. Ride a bike around you suburb 
5. Do something nice to another person 
6. Have a swim (southern hemisphere) 
7. Go ice skating (northern hemisphere) 
8. Watch a festive film 
9. Dance to Christmas carols 
10. Eat a candy cane 
11. Make gingerbread 
12. Have a picnic 
13. Go see some Christmas lights 
14. Go to church  
15. Go look at shop windows whilst the shops are closed and right down all the stuff you will buy when it goes on sale for boxing day 
16. Go caroling 
17. Take your kids to see Santa 
18. Have high tea 
19. Stay at a hotel on Christmas Eve 
20. Go see a Christmas play or ballet (The Nutcracker maybe) 
21. Roast Chestnuts and/or marshmellows  
22. Make some Christmas Craft 
23. Kiss someone under the mistletoe 
24. Write your New Years Resolutions down 
25. Go for a walk around a part of town you don't usually go to 
26. Go to a nativity play 
27. Build a snowman 
28. Watch a back to back of your favourite shows 
29. Send some postcards to people about the new year and your plans for it  
30. Make paper snowflakes  
31. Have a cup of hot cocoa with your favourite person(s) 
32. Create a new tradition 
33. Read a whole book 
34. Subscribe to a new magazine or blog 
35. Decorate festive cookies with your kids 
36. Volunteer at the homeless shelter 
37. Bake a christmas cake 
38. Have a leftover dinner 
39. Buy yourself a present  
40. Send a text to all your contacts saying Merry Christmas 
41. Everytime you see someone say Felice Naveda (it's Spanish for Merry Christmas) 
42. Wear a red and green headband 
43. Make mulled wine 
44. Dress up as an elf 
45. Watch the movie Elf (with kids if you have them) 
46. Cover your self in red and green glitter. 
47. Give old toys to the children's hospital  
48. Have a party 
49. Think about last Christmas and which one was better 
50. Have fun!  

Can't wait until Christmas. 
One more day of 8 Days of Christmas! 
Stay happy 

Wednesday 21 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 6 - Fabulously Festive Photography

Christmas brings many good things. Good food, good music, good gifts and lots of happiness. One thing it brings that not many people know about is good photography. 

Even I was inspired to take a few festive photos this month. I definitly wouldn't call myself an amazing photographer but I love taking photos. I edited my photos and they have been made into Christmas cards. I'll start by sharing a few of my photos with you. I did them all in black and white for a more classic effect. 

A very modern wreath 

Christmas lights in a window
A very festive environment 
Moving on to the things I found on the internet. 

If you like you can print out these photos and pin them around your house or put them on cards. 

Hope you liked this post, I found the photos very pleasing to my eye. 


Tuesday 20 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 5 - Christmas Entertaining

So your hosting a Christmas party. I am too, on Christmas Day! A massive party with 30ish people. The whole family. Anyway. Whatever type of Christmas party you are having, refer to this post!  

To give gifts or to not give gifts 
Do you want to give Christmas presents to your party guests? Before you decide you may want to ask yourself a few questions....... 
- Are you close to this person? 
- Do you usually give this person a gift? 
- Is there another occasion where you should give them a gift? 
- Have they gotten you a gift? 

There is a middle bar. If you don't want to give your guests gifts you could give them party favours. These are much less expensive.

Ideas for Christmas Party Favours  
-Gingerbread Stars wrapped with cellophane and ribbon
-A jar of homemade jam or chutney  
-A mixtape of your favourite songs or Christmas carols(See here for Christmas Carols you may be interested in) 
-A hand soap or moisturizer (see here and here)  

Go for food that suits the mood, the people and the weather. If it's casual don't have a massive turkey. If it's actually on Christmas don't be afraid to be a bit extravagent.  
For Christmas recipes and menu's see this post  

See here   

Festive Conversation Staters
Plans for the New Year
Plans for Christmas
Christmas Wishlists 
Christmas Food 

Getting into the Spirit 
As I always say with parties BE PREPARED! Stay calm and have fun. Listen to Christmas music to get into the spirit more. Spray your house with pine tree spray if nessercery, just make your house as Christmasy as it can be  

Thanks for reading
Hope you enjoyed


Monday 19 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 4 - Merry Media

You may not want to listen to Christmas music or play Christmas apps but I recommend you do it if you're a bit low on Christmas spirit. I love Christmas music, I find it so happy and uplifting. 

Festive Albums (All avaliable on Itunes)  

The Classical Jazz One 
The Classic Christmas Album 
Tony Bennett  
This album is smooth and calming. It's jazz but has influence from classical music. I like it and it definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit. Proabably best for people ranging from 40-60.  

The Poppy Jazz One  
Michael Buble 
This is my favourite Christmas album. The genre is pop but it has a very jazzy feel. I absolutely love it! Festive, fun and happy. Best for people 20-50 

The Very Very Very Poppy One 
Under the Mistletoe 
Justin Bieber 
I don't like this album much. If your really into pop then it's the one for you. If you a 10-20 year old girl it's also the album for you (unless you are me).  

The Classical One 
Holiday Spirits 
Straight No Chaser 
This album is very classical and.........well I don't really know any other word to describe it. It nice and it's festive but not really my type of music.   

Christmas Apps 
All avaliable at the app store 

Send cards to all your friends from your phone or Ipad! 

Gift Plan 
Helps you plan all the Gifts you need.  

Paper Flakes 
So Entertaining.  

Santa GPS 
Track Santa on Christmas Eve! Great for little kids.  

7 Sleeps Untill Christmas 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Stay happy and festive and fab

Sunday 18 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 3- Fabulously Delicious Christmas Recipes

When you think of Christmas you think of Turkey, Ham, Christmas Puddings and Mince Pies. I love all these things BUT I'd like to maybe put a bit of a spin on them or maybe not even have them at all (gasp), think of the poor vegetarians. So I've formulated tons of menus to suit YOUR liking of Christmas recipes. 

Here I've found the BEST traditional Christmas recipes of all. Yes, you don't have to use your grandmother's 100 year old recipe, it's not the law. 

Jamie Oliver's Best Turkey in the World  
Jamie Oliver's Stuffing  
Jamie Oliver's Get Ahead Gravy   
Jamie Oliver's Roast Vegetable Mega Mix
Nigella Lawson's Gorgeously Golden Fruit Cake   

Based on Tradition 
This is a bit of a modern spin on the classics.

Asian-Inspired Turkey Salad with Pancakes  
Squash and Spinish Rotolo  
Simple Red Cabbage Salad 
Chocolate Fridge Cake with Pecan and Meringue

Not So Traditional 
These recipes run away from tradition. They are fresh and modern. 
Prwan, Avocado and Watercress Salad
Crispy Duck with Orange Sauce
Thai Cucumber Salad
Steamed Coconut Puddings

I hope you enjoyed.
Stay fabulous

PS: I wrote this post sitting in a room smelling of pine, filled with Christmas decorations and with Christmas music playing.   

Saturday 17 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 2- Adding Festive Beauty to Your Home (Alternate Title: Decorating)

 Adding Festive Beauty to Your Home (Alternate Title: Decorating)   

Christmas is so much much happier if you are in a beautiful environment, waking up and coming down to decorations and a christmas tree is truly magical. This post is about decorationg for Christmas. It's full of theme ideas, links and tips.  

The Essential 
If you want to get into the Christmas spirit you absolutely MUST get a Christmas tree. It is the most magical thing in the world. You can buy beautiful decorations from anywhere. Your local department store or mall will always have some nice ones.

There is one problem though.............Real or Fake? I say real. It smells nicer and it looks better, why not pay a little extra for that. If you can't decide read this article, The Great Debate: Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees or this one Real vs Fake Christmas Trees 

Pick a day when your whole family can set up the tree. It's more special that way. Each year buy or make another decoration or two and your collection will slowly get bigger.  


The Other Stuff

As for decorating the rest of the house it's a bit harder. 

If you like you can just buy random christmas decorations such as.
-Table centrepieces 

If not you can go with a cohesive theme. Here are some other ideas. 

This is the theme I went with this year. I took lots of Chrissy pics all around the suburb in black and white and then I strung them along some string. They look great! I also made newpaper stars and strung them as well! I plan on making bottle cap stars as well. 

Winter Wonderland 
Don't get a normal Christmas tree get a spray painted branch-only (without leaves). Have silver balls in a bowl. Stick to the colurs of gold, silver, white and maybe even blue. Be Creative.

You're going for a very cosy theme. Red tinsel. Gold stars. Big Christmas Tree. An open fire. An angel centrepiece. Stick with a color scheme of red, gold and green.

Try and have one WOW FACTOR. Something that makes people's eyes pop.  

Links for inspiration,4024

If you have any links, share them in the comments

Hope You Enjoyed
Stay wonderful

Friday 16 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 1 - The Incredible Art of Gift Giving

Hi everybody. 
I'm extremly, really, absolutely, utterly sorry for the lack of posting. My internet hasn't been working at all so it's been very hard to post. ANYWAY. Let's talk about Christmas. 

This christmas I am doing a special feature on Dandelion. This feauture goes by the name of 8 Days of Christmas. Each day I will do a Christmas themed post up until Christmas Eve. So for day one I will do a post on gift giving. 


The holidays are very close and everyone's starting to think about all the gifts they have to give everyone. This post is the opposite to the last one. It's all about buying stuff.Christmas is meant to be a time of joy not stress so buy your gifts as early as possible. You don't need to buy the exact things I reccomend. This is just a loose guide to get inspiration from.  


1. Witchery Rope Tie Tunic     

2. Maxwell & Williams Infusions Tea Pot   

3. Kiki.k Goal Book 

4. Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub 

5. Adele 21 (CD)

6. Lomography Diana F+ Camera

7. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme 

8. The Handmade Store Teatowel 

9. Leather Plait Crossbody Bag 

10. MARION Recipe and stories from a hungry cook 

For this section I had to do a bit more reaserch. Even still it turned out well.  

1. Jamie's 30 Minute Meals Cookbook   

2. Newsprint Book Mighty Wallet 

3. Wood Printed Iphone Case 

4. ACNE Snake in the Shade (Skinny)Jeans 

5. Belle Fluer Chocolate 

6. Steampunk Cufflinks 

7. Sperry Boat Shoes 

8. Boy and Bear Moonfire 

9. Chord Riff T-shirt 

10. A big box of their FAVOURITE chocolate. 

Teen Girl 

1. Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub 

2. H & M Clutch  

3. Rayban Original Wayfarer Bloks (Sunglasses) 

4. The Hunger Games Book 

5. Navajo Print T-shirt 

6. Decal8 Forest Wall Art 

7. Kiki.k 101 Dreams Notebook 

8. Threadsence Smoke Screen One Shoulder Dress 

9. 4, Beyonce (CD) 

10. Jellybean Bike 

Teen Boy 

1. Penny Skateboard 

2. Icade Ipad Arcade Pacman Docking Station 

3. The Hunger Games Book 

4. Nikon The Sentry Watch 

5. Urban Outfitters Audiobot Speaker  

6. Zara Checked Flannel Shirt
(They are very fashionable for men right now)   

7. Pixel Clock  

8. Urban Outfitters Bud by Designroom Phone Case