Saturday 17 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 2- Adding Festive Beauty to Your Home (Alternate Title: Decorating)

 Adding Festive Beauty to Your Home (Alternate Title: Decorating)   

Christmas is so much much happier if you are in a beautiful environment, waking up and coming down to decorations and a christmas tree is truly magical. This post is about decorationg for Christmas. It's full of theme ideas, links and tips.  

The Essential 
If you want to get into the Christmas spirit you absolutely MUST get a Christmas tree. It is the most magical thing in the world. You can buy beautiful decorations from anywhere. Your local department store or mall will always have some nice ones.

There is one problem though.............Real or Fake? I say real. It smells nicer and it looks better, why not pay a little extra for that. If you can't decide read this article, The Great Debate: Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees or this one Real vs Fake Christmas Trees 

Pick a day when your whole family can set up the tree. It's more special that way. Each year buy or make another decoration or two and your collection will slowly get bigger.  


The Other Stuff

As for decorating the rest of the house it's a bit harder. 

If you like you can just buy random christmas decorations such as.
-Table centrepieces 

If not you can go with a cohesive theme. Here are some other ideas. 

This is the theme I went with this year. I took lots of Chrissy pics all around the suburb in black and white and then I strung them along some string. They look great! I also made newpaper stars and strung them as well! I plan on making bottle cap stars as well. 

Winter Wonderland 
Don't get a normal Christmas tree get a spray painted branch-only (without leaves). Have silver balls in a bowl. Stick to the colurs of gold, silver, white and maybe even blue. Be Creative.

You're going for a very cosy theme. Red tinsel. Gold stars. Big Christmas Tree. An open fire. An angel centrepiece. Stick with a color scheme of red, gold and green.

Try and have one WOW FACTOR. Something that makes people's eyes pop.  

Links for inspiration,4024

If you have any links, share them in the comments

Hope You Enjoyed
Stay wonderful

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