Thursday 21 June 2012

Sincerely Isabella

Introducing Sincerely Isabella! If you liked Dandelion you will like Sincerely Isabella, it's my brand new blog. I think of Sincerely Isabella as a new, mature, updated version of Dandelion!

I'd love for more followers so if you could check it out I would be ever so thankful.

Have a look...

Lots of love,

Sunday 20 May 2012

My New Blog

So as I said in my last post I am moving on to a new blog! I would like to invite you all to follow my new blog.
It's just started but I have some great ideas about how it will work.
This will be the last time I'll see you on this blog - so goodbye and THANK YOU!
Lots of love,

Friday 18 May 2012

So Long

For whatever reason Dandelion Amazing Blog has stopped working for me. I don't know whether it's the name, or the platform, or the design or the low readership but I have lost any passion I ever had for this blog. I have decided to start fresh. To start a new blog. I've definitely loved my time blogging on this blog but I'm kinda of sick of it. So Long! Lots of love, Isabella

Saturday 5 May 2012

The Talentless State of the Pop Music Industry

OK, time to throw a bit of controversy into my blog.

Recently, just like the rest of the Australia. I have been watching The Voice (AUS).  I have been overwhelmed by the sheer talent of the artists on it. It seems the whole world has completely forgotten what real talent is. Look at the Itunes chart.  Hear the songs played on pop radio. You hear songs that are made by a computer and are madly auto-tuned. These songs are designed to be played in a club. I don't actually know anyone who lives in a club or spends their whole life there.  So, why the hell do we listen to such crap so MUCH? I would really like to know. 'Artists' like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj (and the list goes on) make thousands (no millions) of dollars out of what? Making sexy music videos. Making 'music' that is easy to dance to? Producing catchy songs. I honestly don't know. 

It's only when you see real talent that realise what a horrible state the industry is actually in.  But I (and many other music gurus - I am not implying I am in any way a music guru) predict a change in this techno inspired face of pop.

We all know Adele. She has broken all kinds of records. Her album has SOLD LIKE CRAZY and is still in the top 20. It's because she opened up the world's eyes to real, raw, honest talent. Which so many singers have. So, I have crossed fingers that this is the direction pop music is heading in. A chord driven ballad state.

I googled 'the horrible state of the pop industry' and came across a Yahoo Answers page full of strong opinions. Some people said music had become like fast food, some people said it was thanks to the youth of the planet (cough, but what really stood out of the whole discussion is that no one really liked the whole computer made pop thing.

Of course, this is a very negative side to the argument. Also on the charts is Flo and the Machine, Ed Sheeren and some other really quite talented artists. But songs on the radio (and very often the charts) are predominantly techno, club-driven ones which I personally don't find very pleasent to listen to.

How do you feel about the current pop music industry? Answer in the comments.

Have a think about it,

Friday 27 April 2012

The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side

The grass is always greener on the other side. For the human race it seems that it always is.  We seem to be under the odd illusion that the best things are the ones that we do not have.  The ones on the other side. Why the hell is this? Why do we long for other things? Why do they seem so much better then what we have? 

I have a theory. An odd one too. I believe that the world around us moves so fast that we get extremely bored easily. We get use to what we have. We start to notice the flaws of what we have and suddenly what someone else has seems so much better. 

Curvy people long to be petite. Petite people long to have curves.  I’m going to be honest, it utterly sucks. 

The thing is the nature of humans is to always want more.  We consume lots, we are on the top of the food chain and we have a lot of power.  There is always more in our lives. It’s easy for us to be able to get better things. We are so use to the idea of new things that we get bored of the old ones.

So in short I think the fact that the grass always seems greener on the other side is related to consumerism and the fast moving pace of the world. 


Friday 20 April 2012

A Photo Full Mixed Bag

Hello everybody - it's foggy in Sydney and I'm happily listening to Florence and the Machine as I write this. A nice end to an extremely RAINY week.  So, many of you would remember the mixed bag post I did last month. A mixed bag is a collection of my favourite things on the web for the last month. This month's is photo full as I have recently discovered tumblr which I have become HIGHLY addicted to. This month has been a good one in terms of things on the Internet - then again it seems it's always a good month on the Internet.

My Utter Favourite Photos I've Found this Month

She's saying 'it isn't fair'
I'm not sure where this one is from  

My Absolute Favourite Links of the Month 
Marriage From A Kid's Perspective
Insane Sidewalk Chalk Art
Facebook + Pride and Prejudice
Hermes Meets Vans
21 Great Pintrest Boards for Art and Design Lovers

Song of the Month
I adore this new Flo and the Machine song. It's haunting in that genuine Florence and the Machine style.

Video of the Month
So, as you all know I adore gala darling however I've always thought of her radical self love idea as a bit sappy, I agree you should love yourself but no one wants to be IN LOVE with themselves. HOWEVER, this speech kind of pulled me over. It's quite powerful - I think.

If you have any favourite things on the web this month feel free to share in the comments.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Thing about Negativity

I recently discovered the site: Get Off My Internets  It’s quite funny and is extremely popular but it’s basically about tearing other people down.  It’s addictive which has made me come to the conclusion that negativity is addictive. Negativity seems to have everything on its side. It’s easy to give, it makes you feel powerful and it temporarily defeats jealousy. I have many times contemplated doing a ‘Things I Hate’ post when I’m low on ideas.  It can feel AMAZING to have a little rant but the thing about posting it on the Internet is that the person you’re writing about can easily find it.  

The whole Internet is encouraging us to be negative – from the dislike button on Youtube to blogs like Get Off My Internets. 

Watching the news is negative –they never seem to report any GOOD news. Rain is negative- it stops us from going outside.  Sometimes I feel like the whole world is turning negative on me.

BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN I’M BEING NEGATIVE – you may ask.  There’s NOTHING wrong with being negative sometimes.  But when you are being negative about someone who’s just doing what they like to do   when they can see/hear what you are saying/writing that’s when it crosses the line. And when your just ALWAYS negative that can make you feel awfully sad about the world - don't you think?

So When you’re thinking about writing nasty comments and such, try for a bit of empathy.

Oh, wait hold on. What about opinions? We should be able to express our opinions on the Internet. Of coarse we should! There’s a thin line between expressing an opinion and being overly negative. As to where that line lies – I’ll let that be up to you.


PS. This is just MY OPINION about negativity - Remember I'm overly optimistic. I'd love to hear your opinion about negativity in the comments. 

Friday 13 April 2012

Navigating Fashion Websites - Part 2:Etsy

So we've all been to a market. A market is a place where creative types buy and sell items. These item are very often vintage. Etsy is like this but is online. I call it the indie version of Ebay. 

However, Etsy is MASSIVE. There are so many shops and to be honest some of them are pretty mediocre. There are a few ways to find the best things. 

The first is to take the taste test. This is a test where you choose your favourites out of a group of items. It finds out your taste and then selects items that fit it.

The second is to look at the discover category. It again shows some of the best of Etsy.

You can also take a look at Etsy Milk - a blog that looks for the best in Etsy.

A list of my favourites to get you started 
Kimmy Kuo 
Katie Jean 
It's Ok My Dear 
B. Poetic 
Bad James Vintage 
Zero Gravity   
Ruggles Made 
Black Sheep

Happy weekend. 

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Navigating Fashion Websites - Part 1: Polyvore

Polyvore. I adore it. For those who don't know what it is, it's an outfit creating service. Oh, but it's so much more. It's a shopping service, a fashion help community and an inspiration board.

This is how polyvore works. You go on and use pieces from various shops to create outfits. You can then use those outfits in lots of different ways. To answer questions, enter competitions, etcetera etcetera. Yes, it’s extremely simple.

 I find it helpful as I can find items similar to the ones in my wardrobe and use them to create outfits with other items. This helps me to find out what garments could help my wardrobe.

This is wardrobe revolution people!

Polyvore is also a great way to release your inner fashion guru. When people ask questions you can give them outfit ideas and visa-versa.

You can even buy your outfits for yourself!

The best thing about Polyvore is that is pretty damn fun. It lets you release your inner child. It takes me back to the days when I stuck magazines together to make ‘outfits.’

If you want to find me on Polyvore my name is ilovelife765
Hey, it’s true!

Paint a smile on your face and keep it there

Friday 6 April 2012

Blogging - A Realisation

Hello everyone, 

I'm back. Did you miss me? 

Since taken a break from blogging I've realised a lot about what blogging is about. I've had a lot more time to think about my blog and the blogs of others. 

I've thought about why we blog. More specifically, why I blog. I think we all dream of being a role model, of being an immaculate being. A blog is a place where we share the good in our life, we never reveal our flaws. We try to come across as perfect. 

People love Gala Darling because she seems absolutely perfect. She loves herself, she's thin, she's pretty and she has an award winning blog. 

When we blog we almost create a character for ourselves. A perfect character who overuses some words and has some sort of trademark. It's only human to want to be perfect and want to be looked up to. 

In a way, blogs are wildly honest but wildly dishonest at the same time. People share their best outfits but not their worst ones. They share their best dishes but not their worst. Due to this, people and their blogs can come across as immensely vain and quite materialistic. I feel my blog is starting to slip into that category. 

So, of today my blog's image has slightly changed. As well as being a place where I share materialistic things and ideas I also want it to be a place where I can share intellect with my readers. I want it to cover more areas of life. 

Hope you have enjoyed your week