Monday 19 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 4 - Merry Media

You may not want to listen to Christmas music or play Christmas apps but I recommend you do it if you're a bit low on Christmas spirit. I love Christmas music, I find it so happy and uplifting. 

Festive Albums (All avaliable on Itunes)  

The Classical Jazz One 
The Classic Christmas Album 
Tony Bennett  
This album is smooth and calming. It's jazz but has influence from classical music. I like it and it definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit. Proabably best for people ranging from 40-60.  

The Poppy Jazz One  
Michael Buble 
This is my favourite Christmas album. The genre is pop but it has a very jazzy feel. I absolutely love it! Festive, fun and happy. Best for people 20-50 

The Very Very Very Poppy One 
Under the Mistletoe 
Justin Bieber 
I don't like this album much. If your really into pop then it's the one for you. If you a 10-20 year old girl it's also the album for you (unless you are me).  

The Classical One 
Holiday Spirits 
Straight No Chaser 
This album is very classical and.........well I don't really know any other word to describe it. It nice and it's festive but not really my type of music.   

Christmas Apps 
All avaliable at the app store 

Send cards to all your friends from your phone or Ipad! 

Gift Plan 
Helps you plan all the Gifts you need.  

Paper Flakes 
So Entertaining.  

Santa GPS 
Track Santa on Christmas Eve! Great for little kids.  

7 Sleeps Untill Christmas 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Stay happy and festive and fab

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