Wednesday 21 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 6 - Fabulously Festive Photography

Christmas brings many good things. Good food, good music, good gifts and lots of happiness. One thing it brings that not many people know about is good photography. 

Even I was inspired to take a few festive photos this month. I definitly wouldn't call myself an amazing photographer but I love taking photos. I edited my photos and they have been made into Christmas cards. I'll start by sharing a few of my photos with you. I did them all in black and white for a more classic effect. 

A very modern wreath 

Christmas lights in a window
A very festive environment 
Moving on to the things I found on the internet. 

If you like you can print out these photos and pin them around your house or put them on cards. 

Hope you liked this post, I found the photos very pleasing to my eye. 


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