Thursday 22 December 2011

8 Days of Christmas, Day 7 - 50 Things You Could Do On Christmas Day

I figure most of you already have plans for Christmas Day but these things are only small. Some only take an hour or so, some take 5 minutes some only take a few seconds.They are fun, fab and beneficial.  

1. Eat some chocolate 
2. See people 
3. Think of the other people in the world who are not as happy as you today. 
4. Ride a bike around you suburb 
5. Do something nice to another person 
6. Have a swim (southern hemisphere) 
7. Go ice skating (northern hemisphere) 
8. Watch a festive film 
9. Dance to Christmas carols 
10. Eat a candy cane 
11. Make gingerbread 
12. Have a picnic 
13. Go see some Christmas lights 
14. Go to church  
15. Go look at shop windows whilst the shops are closed and right down all the stuff you will buy when it goes on sale for boxing day 
16. Go caroling 
17. Take your kids to see Santa 
18. Have high tea 
19. Stay at a hotel on Christmas Eve 
20. Go see a Christmas play or ballet (The Nutcracker maybe) 
21. Roast Chestnuts and/or marshmellows  
22. Make some Christmas Craft 
23. Kiss someone under the mistletoe 
24. Write your New Years Resolutions down 
25. Go for a walk around a part of town you don't usually go to 
26. Go to a nativity play 
27. Build a snowman 
28. Watch a back to back of your favourite shows 
29. Send some postcards to people about the new year and your plans for it  
30. Make paper snowflakes  
31. Have a cup of hot cocoa with your favourite person(s) 
32. Create a new tradition 
33. Read a whole book 
34. Subscribe to a new magazine or blog 
35. Decorate festive cookies with your kids 
36. Volunteer at the homeless shelter 
37. Bake a christmas cake 
38. Have a leftover dinner 
39. Buy yourself a present  
40. Send a text to all your contacts saying Merry Christmas 
41. Everytime you see someone say Felice Naveda (it's Spanish for Merry Christmas) 
42. Wear a red and green headband 
43. Make mulled wine 
44. Dress up as an elf 
45. Watch the movie Elf (with kids if you have them) 
46. Cover your self in red and green glitter. 
47. Give old toys to the children's hospital  
48. Have a party 
49. Think about last Christmas and which one was better 
50. Have fun!  

Can't wait until Christmas. 
One more day of 8 Days of Christmas! 
Stay happy 

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