Saturday 25 February 2012

The Stupidness of Averages, Stereotypes and General Normalness

We all get just a bit scared of standing out. No one wants to be viewed as weird. Stereotypes barricade us. It’s as if they keep us in little boxes. Peer pressure pushes us over the edge. We’re all scared of being a current instead of just going with the rest of the river. I was inspired to write this because of an article I read in the latest Frankie. It was about creatives with disabilities. I was drawn to a story about a blind furniture designer. I loved the fact he was unique. People expect designers to we women with red hair, cat eyeglasses and architectural jewelry. But this guy pushed boundaries. He wasn’t an average.  It made me realize how stupid stereotypes are. How they barricade us and stop us from doing things we love.  


This is a message to everyone. It doesn’t matter how normal you are.  There are two words that have been said so much they are a bit of a cliché but they’re true so I’ll share them with you.  Normal’s boring.  As is fitting in with the crowd. If we didn’t have creatives, unique people and weirdoes our world would be so boring we’d all fall asleep. So, do your bit for our world and don’t be afraid to stand out. Jump up and down, wear a banana suit and dance like no one’s watching.  

Have a good week

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  2. Thank you! I have in fact followed your blog. This was definitly one of my favourite posts to write.


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