Friday 17 February 2012

The Picks of the Month - Music, Fashion and Food

So view this as a plug in to the amazing things I’ve seen this and last month.  We can all admit these few months have definitely have their ups and downs like most months. But let’s be optimistic and focus on the good stuff. 


Lana Del Rey
Not amazing live but fabulous songs and big lips.  Ring any bells? It must because Lana Del Rey is the new big thing.  Sure, she’s liked and disliked all over the world but the amount of hate she gets doesn’t stop her from producing amazing music.  I give her massive thumbs up.  

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys  
The new song by The Black Keys has gone absolutely viral. It is loved all over the world. The tune is catchy AND they are talented. This can be very rare in the current pop music scene.  I utterly adore it. There’s only one problem…I can never get it out of my head.   

Boys Like You by 360 feat. Gossling
I love the chores and the voice of Gossling plays my heart strings but 360 annoys me (all rappers do) and the theme of the song is really horrible and not the most pleasant to listen to when you take the lyrics seriously (shown in music video, which is not displayed here as I feel it isn’t all that appropriate for this blog).  

Tongue Tied by Grouplove
I’ve run out of words for love. I think I’ve already said love and adore so many times in this article. I’ll just say I’m nuts about this song. The backing line with the instruments in the background is so fabulous and bold. This means the song is wonderful to listen to and never drags. 


Collard Shirts
Those collard seem to ensure sophistication and funkiness. They absolutely ooze coolness whether they are covered in a bold print or in a simple colour.  I heart these shirts!  
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Polka Dots
Oh my gosh. Who knew these tiny little spots could make me feel so happy. They absolutely scream cuteness.  I love them on 50’s styles dresses, on skirts, on headbands on EVERYTHING. 
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High Waisted Skirts
Oh, how I love wearing a skirt tucked in.  It seems elegant and cool all at the same time. Wearing one with a cute blouse and a pair on sunnies is one of my new favourite outfit combos
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Ahh, the love of the old and lost. Rekindling new trends in one of my new favourite things to do and vintage can really help with that. 
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I love tofu in all forms.  It is high in protein and iron and low in calories. It’s also highly delicious. A perfect healthy snack. What’s not to love? 
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Thai Food
Mmmmm. I love the bold and delicious flavour of Thai Food. Pad Thai anyone?  
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Is there anything better than a warm scone with jam and cream, a cup of tea and a really good read. No there is not?
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Have a nice weekend


  1. wow, I really like food .

  2. Thanks. I am touched by your lovely comments. I love the feeling of sitting down with a warm scone!


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