Sunday 5 February 2012

Lana Del Rey: Fabulous or Fake?

Lana Del Rey aka Lizzy Grant seems to be the new ‘thing.’  Her deep and somewhat mournful voice is beautiful, in my opinion. I have been a supporter of her songs since I found out about them. I’m ecstatic for when her album comes out.   

Her career has, in some parts, been influenced and supported by her very wealthy father. Maybe that’s why so many people seem to hate her.  

I believe the thing people have to except is that she is really talented and it doesn’t really matter how she got to the top because she’s there now and I don’t think she’ll be climbing down any time soon. It’s hard to make it in the music biz and she just had a bit of a boost to help her (her father’s money).   If anyone is most likely to sell millions of albums this year it’s her.  

Another thing people seem to dis her about is her massive lips. This is just plain vein. Music isn’t about beauty it’s about, well…music. And if people do care about beauty so much they shouldn’t be complaining, as Lana Del Rey is a beautiful girl.

I can’t say much about her fashion sense, as the world hasn’t seen much of it yet. From what I can tell it seems feminine, elegant and in some cases regal.  

So in conclusion I would say Lana Del Rey is amazing. I respect the fact that she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if she isn’t yours than can you please not write nasty things about her all over the Internet. Hate is a horrible thing and I think Lana Del Rey has more than her fair share of it. Put yourself in her shoes.  Who would want people calling them ‘duck lips’ and ‘fake’ and ‘untalented?’  Hmmm, Let me think…exactly…no one.

What you think of Lana Del Rey?
Stay exceptionally fantastic

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  1. Good post. She has talent. And reinvention is a big - and great - part of popular culture.


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