Sunday 12 February 2012

Chocolate, Pink Baths and That Little Thing Called Love - A Guide To Having The Perfect Valentine's Day

I have never celebrated Valentine's day in my life so for me tomorrow will be a first. It seems no one does in Australia.  Valentines day is corny and retailers see it as a way to sell more stuff so people often forget about it's true meaning which is love. Now I'll stop there or I'll go into motivational speaker mode. What I don't get is why people only view it as a day to celebrate our love for another person. Why can't we celebrate our love for the world or for ourselves!  This guide tell you how to celebrate love in it's many forms. So curl up and read all about celebrating love for...well.....everything. 

5 Fabulous Ways To Celebrate Your Love With Someone

1. Go to a drive in movie

2. Bring out the corny heart chocolate and have a picnic!

3. Go out for a fancy lunch or dinner.

4. Each of you pick a movie and watch both of them back to back!

5.  Make love heart cookies

5 Fabulous Ways To Celebrate Your Love For The Amazing World Around You
Who doesn't love our amazing world.  Sure, it has it's flaws but it's beautiful and full of culture and diversity. 

1. Go away for a day to a new place

2. Take photos of everything you see that is beautiful or interesting.

3. Spend the day gardening

4. Go for a picnic

5. Go for a walk around your city  

6 (I had to throw in an extra one) Fabulous Ways To Celebrate Your Love For Yourself
Self love isn't about being full of yourself, cocky or selfish. It's about having confidence and a high sense of self worth.  Gala darling is the ultimate self lover and has amazing tips about how to be confident and how to love yourself so for more ideas have a look at her.

1. Treat yourself to a mini shopping trip. Come on, you deserve it!

2. Have some exercise.

3. Write down the 100 things you love about yourself

4. Paint your nails a new colour

5. Cook yourself a special meal.

6. Hang out with friends

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Thing
OK, so a couple of weeks ago I discovered a Lush bath bomb in my room. 'Oh, how lovely' I thought and I put it in the bath and hopped in. As the bath bomb spread the bath turned pink (yes, pink) and little confetti hearts went everywhere. I felt intensely happy and put on some calming music thinking about well....everything as one often does in the bath. It was INSANELY relaxing and I plan of doing it every Valentines day for the next couple of years. It's amazing how the little things can make you happy.

This is the bath bomb. I'm pretty sure you can buy on line. 

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day
Stay wonderful

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