Thursday 2 February 2012

10 Things You Should Do This Fabulous February

Hello! So yesterday is the first day of February and I'm feeling on top of the world! February is a month where everyone is still easing into the new year. Christmas feels like ages ago and people have already forgotten about their new years resolutions! You, yes you, should have a fabulous Febuary. To help you do this I've written a long checklist so we can all feel on top of the world!  

1. Send a letter 
That's right, be old fashioned. It's lovely to recieve a letter in the mail. Send a letter to a couple of people you know and see if they send one back. 
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2. Take Care of Your Skin 
Who wants to have peeling, oily, dirty or generallty icky skin? Exactly...... no one. Here are my tips for perfectish skin. 
Step One: Cleanse and tone your skin in the morning, also, put on a tinted sunscreen. Sunburn sucks and no one can notice a tinted sunscreen. Then in the evening give your face another wash. Simple as pie.  
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3. Have Flowers In Your House 
It is a fact* that flowers make people happy. Having them in your house adds ambiance to a room. They are beautiful and uplifting. Unless they are dead. 
*not an actual fact 
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4.  Try A New Tea
Tea is a wonderful thing. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN LIMITING YOURSELF TO ENGLISH BREAKFAST. There's so many teas out there we should all experiment.  
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5. Buy a polka dot garnment 
I utterly adore polka dots. And it seems they are making a bit of a come back. They seem to be popping up everywhere. So go out and buy a polka dot garnment. A skirt? A dress? A top? Polka dots= guarenteed cuteness! 
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6. Have a candlelit dinner 
Sometimes its great to make things a bit special. A candlelit dinner is a fab way to do this. Invite some friends or family over a cook a spectacular dinner.   
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7. Give yourself a new hobby  
Start a blog or a shop on Etsy. You could make a bit of extra cash and have a ton of fun.  
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8. Read a couple of new blogs 
Go for a bit of surf on the internet (or refer to my Blogroll) and find a few little gems to add to your google reader.

9. Give a batch of cookies to a friend 
If have a friend who has stayed with you through thick and thin and is always there to lend a helping hand or a sholder to cry on.  It's good to give back. Give her a batch of her favourite cookies. Complete with a little tag saying how great she/he is.   
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10. Do this 
I love gala darling. I especially love her idea of radical self love. This is a fabulous idea to get yourself feeling self confident this Febuary.  
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Happy New Month!!! 
Stay happy

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