Thursday 1 March 2012

When You Feel Like You Are One Of THOSE People. Alternate Title: A Beginner's Guide to Fashion

Sometimes you feel like your fashion is failing. You have no idea what you’re doing and EVERYONE seems to look so much better than you.  You feel ugly. You feel horrid. You feel as if you may as well write ‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT MY FASHION!’ on your forehead.
It doesn't get much more unfashionable than that

Well, start by realizing what you are doing wrong. Here’s a list of my 7 Worst Fashion Pairing Mistakes taken from my Inspired by... Sydney CBD.

1. Sneakers and Jeans 

My least favourite fashion pairing mistake. EVER. Ok, converse don't count but your running shoes. Egggghhhhhhh. It looks so awkward and well, just plain awful. You may as well write 'I DON"T CARE ABOUT FASHION' on your forehead.

2. Ugg Boots and Skirts (or even worse Dresses)
I don't really like Ugg Boots at all but they can look ok with jeans. With a skirt they are just hideous.

3. Socks (especially white ones) with sandals or thongs
If there is something that screams OLD it's this. Even if you were wearing the prettiest top and the best jeans the outfit would still be unbearable to look at if you wore sandals and socks.

4. Leather Boots and shorts
Boots are for winter, shorts are for summer. Pairing them doesn't make sense. Don't do it!

5. Spots and thick stripes
Print vomit. Colour vomit. It makes me want to vomit. Way too much (thin subtle stripes can look ok).

6. Hoodies and Dresses
A combination of formal and casual can look really good and REALLY BAD. This is an instance were it looks REALLY BAD.

7. Heels and trackies

That just completely stupid, why did I even list that
 If you feel you are doing any of these things stop!

The next thing to do is to buy some new clothes. Try the following stores

If you are 14-29
If you are 30-49
If you are 40-50
If you are 50+ 

Remember this simple piece of information. Cream. Goes. With. Pretty. Much. Everything.

Look around at other outfits you like. Try and recreate the. There’s nothing wrong with stealing good ideas once in a while. 

Have a lovely weekend!
Stay happyily fabulous 

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