Thursday 19 January 2012

What Defines A Foodie?

Foodies are a super common term in this day and age. You hear it everywhere. But, what is a foodie? At first I thought it was quite simple. A foodie is a person who loves food. But I had no idea how far someone's love for food has to go for them to be a foodie.  
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So to find out a bit more I googled the word foodie and there was a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to foodies (click here to see the page). I realised that foodies are people that love food so much they dedicate all or some of their life to food. Some foodies love food more then others and they all show their love in completely different ways. So I sorted them into a couple of catogries. 

The Subtle Foodie 
This is the least extravagent foodie. They love foodie but they haven't dedicated their whole life to food. They go to restaurants quite a lot, they savour every mouthful of what they eat, they watch food T.V, they follow food fads and they just love food. (they may not do ALL these things) 

The Food Bloggers 
It's really obvious people love food when they have a food blog. They usually do all the things 'The Subtle Foodies' do as well, all foodies do those things. 

The Chefs 
Some people love food so much they dedicate their whole career to it. These people are chefs. They love food the most. 

A List of Good Foodies 

Nigella Lawson 
Nigella loves food. She never stops eating. On her shows she can be hilariously pig-like. But she is very good with food.   

Leo Paten 
This guy is 9 years old and has a really great food blog where he reviews various restaurants is Sydney. He is really great at describing food. I met him when I was away at an island. He seemed really plugged in with food. This is the link to his blog 

Gwyneth Paltrow 
Turns out this celebrity actress can actually cook, she wrote her own cookbook. I was surprised too.  

As well as.............
Jamie Oliver  
Martha Stewert 
Bill Granger 
Kylie Kwong 
Emily Schuman 

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