Saturday 21 January 2012

Inspired by.............................Melbourne

Ever wonder how I get inspired? Now you can find out! In my country there are so many wonderful places and becuase of that there is so much to get inspired by. In Inspired by..... you will see exactly how I get inspired. You will see the Inspiration and then at the bottom of the post you will see the articles. It's quite lucky because instead of just getting one article (post) you get two or three. I've made sure all the articles are utterly FAB! 

It's so great to come on holidays. Just to have a break from routine and everyday life. I especially love coming to Melbourne. Melbourne is a place that really buzzes. The shopping is divine, the food and restaurants are smashingly good and the scencery is magnificent. I'm sure you can tell by my choice of adjectives that Melbourne is a simply terrific place.   
Someone knitted a case for a bike rack
MASSIVE house in Albert Park
Fruit at the Queen Victoria

The restaurants in Melbourne are smashingly good. The food is great and I've realised that in Melbourne restaurants they really make an effort with design. The way all of the restaurants look is superb. 

The first restaurant I went to when we arrived was called The Milkswyn. It really gave me a taste of what Melbourne was about. The design impressed me most. Inside the look is Nordic-inspired chic and outside it's just like a European cafe. The food was delicious as well. 

Other restaurants I went to included. The Commoner, they had an option where you could just say 'feed me' and they would choose the food for you. It was fantastic having that element of surprise. I also went to The Press Club, Bar Lourinha and The Town Hall. Just to name a few. 

It really got me thinking. I live in a country full of excellent food and I know so many places where you can get amazing food. It's time for me to share those places. So, my first article is all about the restaurants in Sydnay and Melbourne that I love. So, if any of my readers live in Australia or plan on visting it then they will have a few restaurants they can visit. You can find the article at the bottom of this post. 

Moving on to the AMAZING shopping in Melbourne. I went to Retro Star, the largest vintage store in Australia and bought a lovely spotty vintage dress and pair of fabulous geometric patterned sunnies. 
Retro Star

 I also went into a little design store and bought the most fabulous necklace ever. It is a little jar with a cork in the top. Inside the jar is a little bunch of flowers.   

I was totally inspired by all the little funky shops in Melbourne. It made me think about making my personal style a bit more quirky. Quirkyness makes you stand out and makes you look a bit different. And becuase of this I've set it as one of my new year's resolutions. I know exactly how I'm going to do it and I will share how in an article at the bottom of this post. 

The street style in Melbourne was the best I'd ever seen. People looked fantastic. Unique and retro. I saw one girl who had a denium patchwork top. The fashion made me think about YOU! My readers. And if you were looking for style inspiration. I've definitly had my dose of style inspiration. So I thought I'd share some various outfits to inspire YOU. Just like I have been inspired in Melbourne! 

The articles are below.  

Best Restaurants in Australia 
Australia has some really great restaurants. We're known for the multi-cultralism and diversity in our food. I am lucky enough to dine at amazing restaurants and for that I am truly thankful. For the sake of fellow Australians and for tourists coming to Australia I will share some of my absolute favourite restaurants. 


Billy Kwong  
A fabulous high-end Chinese restaurant.

Bird Cow Fish 
Great modern Australian.

Din Tai Fung 
Amazing dumplings and Chinese food. 

Mouth-watering satay and roti.  

Ms G's  
Funky, modern, unique Asian restaurant

Terrific modern Australian. 

North Bondi Italian 
A modern spin on Italian.

Fretelli Paridiso  
Delicious Italian in a stylish restaurant.

Cafe Sopra  
Amazing Italian in a grocery store. 

Magnificent Argentinian food. Beware it's VERY popular and therefore EXTREMLY hard to get in.  

Melbourne (There's not as many as I don't live in Melbourne 

Incredible Spanish food in a lovely environment. 
The Press Club  
Modern Australian inspired Greek food. Very expensive. 
The Milkswyn 
Modern Australian food in an amazingly comfortable room.  
The Commoner  
Modern Australian with a hint of surprise. 
Bar Lourinha  
Medertarainien food in a bar-like space. 
Il Solito Posto 
Italian in a chic restaurant   
Flower Drum  
Amazing Cantonese (Chinese). Very popular so quite hard to get in. 

Quirkifing Your Look 
As I said before this is one of my NY resolutions. I've got a plan and I'm pretty sure it will work. So, if anyone wants to take the jump with me then read on. Go on, I dare you to. 

Being quirky means looking completely different to others. Having a COMPLETELY unique style. In Melbourne almost every second person had a quirky look. It's fab. So I think there are three steps to Quirkifiying your look. 

Buy Quirky Accessories  
Having quirky accesories is great. It allows you to ease into quirkyness. So if you start by just adding quirky accesories to your normal look if should work well. 

You can use the clothes you already have to make your look a bit different. It's about experimenting and doing things you wouldn't normally do. 

Buy Quirky Clothes 
Once you have eased yourself into the quirkiness you can start buying some quirky clothes. Then you should be a quirky fashionista. Congrats! 

Places to buy quirky clothes and accessories. 
-Vintage stores
-Charity stores 
-Little design store 

Street style 
Need some outfits for clothes inspiration. Here are some of my favourites  
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Thanks for reading 
Hope you enjoyed 

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