Friday 6 January 2012

20 Steps To Calmitity, Organisation and Happiness

It's the beginning of the year and everyone is still settling in to 2012. It's all a bit chaotic really. So, I've put together an instruction manual, for want of a better word. This will help you become calmer, more organised and ultimately happier. Let's get started! 

Step 1 
Sit or lie down and reflect on 2011. Think of all the things you did well and all the things you can improve on.   

Step 2 
Write down the things you did in 2011 you want to continue in 2012 and the things you want to stop/can improve on. 

Step 3 
Clean up your Desktop on your computer 

Step 4  
Clean up your real desktop 

Step 5 
Go around your house and get rid of all the things you don't need or want anymore. 

Step 6 
Dust your house (get rid of any dust on surfaces). 

Step 7 
Go for a big clothes shop. Get a couple of basics and some on trend things  for the season. 

Step 8 
Stock up your kitchen. Go on a huge food shop! Buy baking materials, fruit, veggies, salsas and other things you may need. 

Step 9  
Clean out your handbag and refill it with goodies. 

Step 10 
Have a few hours of really good excercise. 

Step 11 
Calm your soul and body by doing some yoga 

Step 12 
Have a very long soak in the bath. 

Step 13 
Clean out your pantry and organise everything into boxes 

Step 14  
Write all your events for the year in a diary and high-light the most important ones!  

Step 15  
Have a picnic with friends (helps you to be calm)  

Step 16 
Write a Misson Statement (see this Gala Darling article) 

Step 17 
Get a haircut 

Step 18 
Delete old contacts 

Step 19 
Make yourself an apple, pear and ginger juice 

Step 20  
Plan and look forward to a great year  

I'm going away to a small island with absolutely no internet reception for a week. So sadly, I will not be able to post. Sorry!  

I hope you enjoyed this post 
Stay calm, organised and HAPPY 
Lot's of love 

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