Monday 3 October 2011

Fashion Trends Now

Men's clothes on women  
This trend is not as literal as it sounds but still pretty close. It's not a completely new look, last season we saw brogues and blazers and they are still there but it seems the trend has widened. Now we see man-like shirts, hats and boots on women. I like this trend it has an urban, retroness to it which I love. I don't like it when it's OTT (over the top). The point of the look is to look like a urban slightly masculine woman not a fully fledged man. 

Urban Retro Woman 
Here the look works 

Very MAN 
Here it doesn't 

Bright Colours 
You may be spotting bright blue jeans and purple blazers they are all part of one new trend. Bright colours! I love this trend it buzzes it seems really electric and futuristic. It's really eccentric and unique. Some designers have done outfits where only one garment is brightly coloured but most have gone all out and made their outfit FULL colour. I question whether this looks good but maybe that's just me. 

Collected Colour 
This one I like. 

Colour Splurge 
I find these a bit too much 

The zoo has returned, it's an absolute tragedy. I hate this look, Full stop. It's so.................feral. I looks like you just went either hunting, attacked an animal or got attacked by an animal. I HATE IT. 1/10.  

I just killed an animal 

I would show you more but the pictures are hurting my eyes. Really, by not showing you more I'm doing you a favour. 

Sheer aka see through  
Designers have put out garments that are absolutely see through. It's ok for the models that wear the garments because they have perfect bodies they're not afraid to show off, as for the rest of the world I'm not so sure. I personally don't like this look. I would never wear it. It make me uneasy the whole see throughness of it and I think a lot of people would agree with me.  

Too Revealing

What do you think of this season's trends? 


Urban Retro Woman

Very MAN

Colour Spurge

Collected colour

I just killed an animal

Too revealing

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