Saturday 15 October 2011

Kimbra: A 21 year old Kiwi who's booming in the music industry

I have the craziest music taste ever! I like Alternative Pop and also really commercial pop. I love showtunes and jazz as well plus I’m in a choir so I have an eye for a little bit of classical too (but not too classical, I hate opera).

Kimbra is perfect for my music taste. Her style is Alternative pop with a jazzy twist and I love it.  She hasn’t been in the music industry long but she is already doing really well. 

Kimbra was born in Hamilton, New Zeland. When she was 14 she entered a music contest and won second place. She recorded her first song Settle Down last year. Her album Vows was released on 29th October and it charted all over the world.

I also love her fashion sense. Her bob is very cute, the curls really suit her. Her style is very girly and I think if jazz music objectified itself as a style that would be hers. Her look is flirty, playful and vintagey (yes, I know that’s not a word). It’s  actually a bit 50’s in my opinion. It’s cute and suits her style of music 

My favourite songs by her (not in any order) are………….. Cameo Lover, Good Intent and Settle Down. I love the jazzy element of them so much , especially in Cameo Lover. Watch the videos below! 

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