Saturday 8 October 2011

35 Things to Do When You're Feeling Glum

So your feeling a bit glum. Don't worry your not the only one. Everyone feels a bit glum sometimes. Do a few of these thing (or all of them if your REALLY sad) to get rid of yourself out of the blues.  

1. Put on your favourite tunes and DANCE until you can't dance anymore. 

2. Get out the facials and the moisturisers and give yourself a spa treatment. 

3. Go onto Stumbleupon ( and see what you can find. 

4. Grab some friends and play a game of Twister. Get ready for some awkward positions! 

5. Go to your local nail shop and get a mani and a pedi. 

6.Get a huge stack of chick flicks, a big bowl of popcorn and WATCH.  

7. Go to a fancy restaurant and order something you have never tried. Then tweet (or post on Facebook) that you just tried ......! 

8. Go get an ice cream with four scoops of your favourite flavour (s) 

9. Go Shopping! (or window shopping if you are broke) 

10. Pick up a great book, sit in a comfy spot, grab a chai latte (or a coffee or hot chocolate) and READ!  

11. Bake a cake while listening to your favourite CDs. 

12. Write all your troubles in a journal, then rip them out and scrunch them up.  

13. Grab your Ipod and go for a really long run. 

14. Write a story 

15. Go for a swim if it's hot and if it's cold go ice-skating. 

16. Answer this 
If you had $100 000 000 what would you spend it on (if you like you can post answer in comments 

17. Put on an old song and sing until your lungs burst (not literally). 

18. Make dinner for a loved one.   

19. Grab the rug, head down to the park and have a picnic. 

20. Read 7 Magazines 

21. Put out the incense and put on the rainforest music. Then, meditate and do yoga. Sun Salutation! 

22. Get out a skipping rope and see how many skips you can do in 2 minutes. 

23. Turn on your phone and prank call people. 

24. Write down everything you love about the word. Hopefully you will need a lot of paper.  

25. Have a chocolate fondue 

26. Have a ten minute phone call with your best friend. 

27. Make a Youtube video. 

28. Plant a tree (or bush) 

29. Look at some old photos 

30. Sit in the bath (or on the couch) and munch  really high-quality chocolate. 

31. Write a letter to yourself and put it somewhere you will find it in a few years (or decades) 

32. Look at 5 Star hotels in Paris and imagine staying in them with a bunch of your closest friends. 

33. Have a party for the sake of having a party. 

34. Go up to someone cute (anyone) and say 'You're cute'  

35. Go vintage shopping! 

Remember your glumness will pass AND it will pass more quickly if you do some of these.     


  1. loving ur blog
    in answer to question number 16 i would spend 100 000 000 on.... hmmmm.... ummm.... urrrr.... ohhhh chocolate, ice cream, clothes, shoe's a pool then give the rest to charity !

  2. your blog is addictive soooooo cool

  3. Hey Lils
    I hope u don't mind if I call u that. I would spend my $$$$$$ on the same things except also a trip 2 NY, Paris, LA and London. I'm so touched by ur really nice comments!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Even though it says annonymous I know it's u.

  5. lol maybe a pool of shoes or a shoe of pools which i guess doesn't make sense because you cant have a shoe with a pool in lol you know i say lol alot dont you think lol that was on purpose lol and by the way you deserve nice comments your blog is gr8!

  6. hey how many views do u have?

  7. Hi Anonymous (but have a vague idea who you are)
    I don't have that many viewers. So if u could spread the word about my blog that would be absolutely phenomenal !!!!!!!
    From Isabella


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