Tuesday 25 October 2011

Defining a personal style and how it's more important then you think

Defining a personal style

Having a defined personal style makes you seem fashion forward and cool. It lets you show your personality to people. First impressions can be tough;you want people to look at you and think 'that person looks nice.' It's not difficult to show your personality through your clothes.  Seriously, and it makes you feel better about your whole style if you know it's unique and cohesive. Here’s how to do it.

Decide what you want your style to be?

So the first is to take a very long look at your wardrobe. Choose you absolute favorite garment. It can sum up your personality, be your favorite color or just be something you love to bits. Look at it and think of the first word (actually a style) that comes into you head. For a floral dress it would obviously be something like floral or feminine. For a maxi dress it may be something like boho or chic or hippie.  This will be your personal style. It makes sense for your favorite garment to sum up your style.  Alternatively you can decide on you style before this and look at your wardrobe to see which of your garments best fits your new decided personal style.  Or you can even decide on you personal style and go shopping to find one thing that suits it.  

Once you have found a single garment that sums up your style take out the things in your wardrobe you actually like.  Throw out the stuff you don’t like. There’s no point having things in you wardrobe you don’t like. Is there?

 SO, take out the things you like and have a little play around with them see how they work together.  The thing is. I hate to break this to you but your wardrobe isn’t going to automatically work together.  You will have to find accessories that you think sum up your personal style.  Girls looking for a feminine style may look for little flower hair pieces and lockets. Buy lots of things, you don’t want to be wearing the same accessories every day. It all depends on the style you have chosen. By putting a little bit of your style in your outfits (with the accessories) your outfits will be more cohesive. As time goes on your whole outfit will be part of the style.

So, this is a long term thing.  For the next month or two take a photos of outfits you wear. Stick them in a book if you want. Your own personal lookbook. See how things work and how they tie together. When you go shopping buy things that tie in with a personal style.  Soon enough you will get to know your style and it will come together. A good aim to have is to try and make all your outfits look like one collection. 

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Here are a few inspirations, just so you can get the idea of what a style is and some certain ones that are quite popular. They may be similar to a style you may want so feel free to be inspired.   

Urban/Indie/Retro AKA my personal style
A urban look is designed to look cool. Like something you would wear in a cool suburb buzzing with culture. Wondering why I listed retro first, because it’s my style. Despite the fact many other people have a vaguely retro style mine is still unique.  Urban wear has lot of vintage influence.  Urban style can look a bit old, I’m not talking Victorian dresses, no, I’m talking about old fashioned looking oxford shoes or a pair of 50’s sunnies. Retro is usually in darker shades. My personal retroish, urban, indie style is cool. I like to wear things like a loose knit beanie, brogues,loose tops with prints on then, vintage looking necklaces are it all ties together to make my style. 

This 70’s inspired look is quite popular. It includes maxi dresses, frayed tops and bags . It’s carefree and loose. Designed to look comfy. It can be good for someone who has never really cared about fashion and is opening out.  I love it, it’s lazy in a fashionable kind of way. Look for things with patterns (not floral) and things that look comfy and loose (But still fashionable NO trackies).  

I’d say this is designed for people who work a lot. It is very formal wear. People who go for this kind of look tend to wear things like formal blazers, wrap dresses and things in colors like navy, peach and lots of black and white. Even on weekends this look is always very formal. Work dresses are favored. It’s not a look a particularly like because you cant experiment much and it tends to be quite boring.  Even still it can look very sophisticated and it always looks professional. 

Feminine is a nice style. It’s feminine as the name suggests. Skirts, dresses and floral patterns are what you generally see. It’s nice and is very garden girl. It looks really pretty in my opinion. It’s still quite free but not as much as a hippie look.  If I didn’t wear a retro look I’d go for this. 

A few styles. The first one is the most similar to mine 
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Already have a personal style? Or have any questions? Share it in the comments?  

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