Friday 7 October 2011

Extra Fashion Trends 2011

Yes there's more. After having a little look around me, on the streets, in the shops and on the internet I discovered a few more trends. 

70's Fashion 
Blast from the past? Yes! Be on the look out for floppy hats , flare jeans, maxi dresses, stripes in lots of colours, orange, platform shoes and big sunnies. Do I like it? Yes, I do. I wasn't alive in the 70's but I know it was a pretty awesome age and there fashion, I like (most of it, that is) but if I were you unless you have A LOT of money, I wouldn't buy it. The trend for 70's is slowly fading (Yeah, it's sad, I know) 

Trend from the Past 


Florals, checks, tribal-inspired and even the dreaded leopard. Prints are here and are really popular. I like them, they seem a really loose, comfortable and hippy-like, which I have no problem with. They really tie in with the 70's trend. They are great and even better I think this trend will be around for a while.  



Trend from the past 



  1. i like floral print's !!!
    says anonymous ie lili

  2. SAME!!!!!! Sophistacated Hippy!!!!

  3. I went a little crazy on the exclamation marks there!


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