Friday 16 March 2012

Inspired by.....The Help

I know, I know! I haven’t blogged for ages. I feel ever so guilty, honest! It just kept slipping off the end of my to do list. But forget that and let’s get onto The Help. 

The Help is one of my favorite films.  The acting is really great, the plot is compelling and interesting and it informs people of the whole total gist of the time.
I was shocked at my own naivety. I had thought of the fifties as a time of swing dresses, brownies and happy housemothers. I had, in fact, completely looked past the sexism and racism of the time.

The plot of the help is really quite good. It moves at a nice pace without dragging. It starts when Skeeter, a smart, journalist that has little interest in marriage, decides to write a book from the point of view of the help. The women that raise white children. 

This is quite a difficult task of Skeeter’s ‘friend’ Hilly is very against the whole book. Hilly is the equivalent of the villain of the film. She’s an evil racist woman.   

My only criticism for the film is that it ends on a limb. I wish they would just make it a tad longer. Then again, when it comes to films, I like them to really finish it. I like to know exactly what happens. I don’t like any loose bits. That’s just me.

Overall, the film will make you laugh and cry and smile. I give it 9/10. 

The only good thing about Hilly is what she wears. Oh, I utterly adore her dresses. Of course, you are not meant one on their fashion and I totally acknowledge her horrible character but how could I not do a feature on her fashion? 

So, Hilly seems to have an oath to printed swing dresses. She wears florals and apricot print (yes, she wears a dress with apricots on it). She wears her red hair in a big bun. She looks sophisticated. She looks fab.  

So, I like the fashion in The Help very much. So I made a little polyvore collage for it. I tried to find dresses that put a bit of a modern spin on the 50’s.

Another thing I noticed about The Help is the food they eat.  It seems like traditional American diner food. Fried chicken seems to be a feature as does…. chocolate pie and pie that isn’t so chocolatey.

Minny’s Chocolate Pie (no, not THAT one) 

Minny’s Fried Chicken

Have a lovely day, it’s a rainy Saturday in Sydney. Depressing much.

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