Monday 5 March 2012

Icing, Sprinkles and Vanilla: The World of Cupcakes

Cupcakes from Friday! 

Oh, how I love cupcakes. They are handy. They can be eaten in two bites. They taste amazing and most importantly they are a delight to make.  I think cupcakes are the food I cook the most often. I love to decorate them and I enjoy both eating and making them.

Cupcakes are loved all around the world. Cupcakeries are everywhere and in LA and NYC they are (wait for it) even setting up cupcake ATMs. (Oh my goodness) 

My absolute favourite cupcake recipe is one from David Herbert’s Complete Perfect Recipes. It’s very simple and the end result is delicious.  We often flavour them with lemon or coconut as well 

Cupcakes can be used to send a lovely message and can help you be creative and have fun.

5 Things You Should Do This Year Involving Cupcakes
1.  Give a batch to a friend
2. Decorate them with some children (when I say this I mean decorate the cupcakes and let children help you do this, I don’t mean kill children and put them on the cupcakes)
3.  Have a cupcake decorating party (Sometimes being childish is magnificent!)
4. Invent your own cupcake flavour
5. Decorate cupcakes with friends 

Ways to decorate your cupcakes
-       Write things on the top in writing icing
-       Place a single sugar flower on the top
-       Put edible glitter on top  
-       Sprinkles!
-       Silver balls

Happy baking


  1. I love the picture of the cupcakes! So cute! :3

  2. Thanks! They were coconut flavoured cupcakes. They were amazingly good and so fun to decorate.


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