Friday 18 November 2011

Inspired by...................Paddington

Ever wonder how I get inspired? Now you can find out! Each week I will go to a different destination and get article inspiration. You will see the Inspiration and then at the bottom of the post you will see the articles. I've made sure they are al utterly FAB! 


Paddington is a suburb buzzing with culture. You see a huge mix of people; each one individual in their own way. Sometimes you'll see a 20-year-old lady with fire red hair and unique clothes and sometimes you'll see a 80-year old lady who looks straight out of the 50's. Either way I loved going there for my Inspired by post this week. I saw a huge mix of shops and I'll share a few with you. 

Firstly. The Society Inc.  

A place with the weiredest things ever. Horse shoes, old postcards, ribbon and things you just feel like you want to buy even if it proabably won't help you. For those who live in Sydney you can find it at 18 Stewart Street, Paddington.

How fab are these?
Very Fab!!!

Old Fashioned Milk Bottles,
I wish people still
used these.


Then we OPUS. A similar store, it seems a bit more modern though.  

Britan O'clock!
Too bad I don't have an Iphone

That's one of the things I love this month. Little things you don't need at all but feel compelled to buy. I know, I'm such a consumer. But I find pointless things highly entertaining. See other things I find entertaining with 10 Things I love this month which you can find at the bottom of this post. 

William Street next. William street is a street filled with only small bussinesses. I'd say it's my favourite street in Paddington.    Second-hand, vintage and general awesomeness. I went into I Like Birds, a vintage homeware store, Alimentari a fantastic deli and browsed clothes as I walked along. I was Inspired to tell you that it is my firm belief that....... One, Delis are great, Vintage is phenomenal. You can find more about this at the bottom of this post.   

Here are some photo's from William Street. 

Twine interests me. I don't know why.
I Like Birds is 14 William St Paddington. 

And then I went and spent 10 minutes looking at Jacaranda trees and a nice palm. Jacaranda trees are on my 10 things I love this month list. 

Delight in the articles. Here they are! 

10 Things I L.O.V.E this month 

10. Love on Top by Beyonce 
I love alternative but I also like commercial Pop and at the moment I love this song. Catchy but not catchy enough to be annoying.   
Photo from

9. Sportsgirl 
Vintage is awesome but I don't always have to wear it. It follows the trends. The clothes are unique and fresh. Love it. 

Photo from

8. Chocolate. 
It's childish, it's silly, it's unhealthy but this month I'm loving chocolate.   

Photo from

7. Googleing Retro Photography. 
You see the most beautiful photos. It makes me want to get a much better camera (I take all my photos on my phone.)   
Photo from

6. Writing stuff down. 
Lists. My day. My feelings. My views on the world. Everything. 
Photo from

5. Objects that are pointless or stupid 
Magnets shaped like apps. Comic book wallets. Gizmos. I ADORE THEM. 
My own photo. 
4. Thinking about Christmas 
I know it's early but I'm obsessed with Christmas. I. CAN'T.STOP.THINKING.ABOUT.IT.  
Photo from


3. Paris. 
I've never been there but I'm constantly looking at it on the internet. I'm going there next year. Y to the ay.  

Photo from

2. My Handbag 
I keep everything in there. Perfect for me, being so orgnaised.  

Photo from

1. Jacarandas 
This is the only time of the year they're here. They're so incredibly beautiful. Ahhhhh. 
Photo from
Best Vintage Online Shopping 

1. Garry Pepper Vintage  

2. Etsy 

3. Mousevox Vintage  

Why I love delis 

-They're food is fresh 

-They are great for picking up quick meals on the go 

-They make you feel welcome 

-The people there (in my experience) are always nice 

-It smells nice. 

-They have a wide variety 

-It's all healthy 

I could go on forever.  

I hope you enjoyed 

Feedback, comments, any would be appriciated. 


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