Thursday 24 November 2011

A Complete, Awesomely Awesome Guide to Entertaining

I love parties! Who doesn't? But I do agree they can be stressful! So here are tips to having perfet parties that are enjoyable and memerable. 

When I say atmosphere I mean decorations. Having decorations creates a nice atmosphere. Have at least one decoration in your entertaining space that is not usually there. Candles and flowers are simple but effective. Having an arranged centrepiece can also look beautiful. Your centrepiece can be pinecones or a pumpkin or a cluster of candles. 

A theme is important. This isn't a corny theme. It's something like Black and white or Autumn or Floral. Also, send out invites. Paper ones are beautiful.  Placecards add to your theme and also get rid of the confusion of the 'where do I sit' dilemma.  

Theme ideas 

Tips and ideas for a floral theme  
-Have a vase filled with flowers in the centre of your table. 
-Maybe a single flower on a napkin on top of your plate.  
-Have a floral design if you have a paper invitaion  
-Tie a flower around the back of people's chairs  
-Give people a flower bunch, a pot plant or a seed packet tied with a ribbon for a favour  
-Have cupcakes with little sugar flowers on top 
-For a matching menu match with the Bistro menu (see below

Black and White Sophisticated 
Tips and ideas for a black and white theme  
-Black and white candles 
-Black and white ribbons tied on people's chairs 
-Black and white ribbons tied around people's cutlery  
-You can incorporate black and white birds in birdcages as centrepieces or designs on place cards and invites. 
-For a matching menu go for the Formal menu (see below)  

Asian Inspired Theme 
Tips for an Asian Inspired theme.  
- Wooden boat dishes are great for this. 
- Paper lanterns 
- Jasmine Tea 
- Bananna Leaves for placemats. 
- Incense burning  
- For a matching menu choose the Asian menu


So as a hostess it can be stressful but it isn't if you plan ahead. SO THAT'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. 

Here's a timeline of when you should do what. 

2 Weeks Before Party (4 Weeks for more formal party) 
Send out (or email, or text) invites. 

3 Days Before Party. (2 Weeks for formal party)
Decide on theme and menu.  

2 Days Before Party 
Shop for everything that won't go off (in other words anything but meat).  

1 Day Before Party  
Make anything that can be made at this point.  

Day of party 
Prepare everything else. 

Other tips 

1. Wear a dress (casual if it's a casual party) 
2. Be super nice to your guests even if you're stressing out on the inside. 
3. Send thank you cards after the party. 
4. Offer them a drink when they walk in. 
5. Finish cooking AND THEN CHANGE 
7. Seem very calm 
8. Have a shower before they arrive (duh)  


Now for my favourite part. Menu putting together. I've found some of my favourite recipes and put them together to make a menu. Click on the word and the recipe will appear.  

Bistro Menu 
Amuse Bouche - Crushed Pea and Artichoke Crostini  
Entree - Crispy Sardines with Lemon and Mint  
Main - Bocconcini-stuffed Meatballs with Tomato sauce 
Dessert - Mini Berry Tarts 

Formal Menu 
Entree - Pumpkin Gnocchi with Spinich Pesto  
Main - Osso Bucco  
Dessert - Chocolate Fondant 

Asian Menu  
Share everything! 
Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)  
Char Siu Bao (Bbq Pork Buns)  
Peking Duck Pancakes 
San Choy Bow  
Bannana Fritters with Green Tea Ice Cream  

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Partying



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