Tuesday 15 November 2011

How to be Absolutely, Super, Incredibly Organised.

Life is busy. And it's getting busier as we near the end of the year. Sometimes your whole life is a clutter. A big messy clutter. So lets get away from that shall we.  Get prepared for lots of tips. 

1. The Schedule 
Write out everything you do each day on a calender or a schedule. Then stick it on your wall somewhere in your room. Simple as that!  

2. The Handbag 
I have an 'official' handbag. I take it everywhere with me. It has everything I need. My phone, walllet, notebook (see below) , beauty bag (see below), keys and a water bottle. It seriously helps to keep everything in order. Oh, I have everything in seperate pockets which is a good idea.   

3.The Notebook 
It's a good idea to always have a notebooks on hands. I think for each week you should have a to do list page. A remember this and that page and leave a few more pages for notes. Then the next week you start again. Very, very, very handy. You can find the most fabulous notebooks. Look at the one below! 


4.The Beauty Bag  
Ok, you should have an official handbag (see below) and in it you should have what I call a beauty bag. With the essentials. In your bag you'l need. 

-Hand Sanitiser (germs are everywhere) 
-Lip Gloss 
-Lip Balm 
-Lip Stick 
-Foundation powder 
-Hair ties 
-Bobby pins for long hair  

5. The Organised Kitchen 
Ok. Divide your pantry into labelled sections. Put your spices in labelled jars. Have a cleaning spray at your side. CLEAN AS YOU COOK.   

6. The Organised Bedroom
Simple. Make your bed in the morning. Clothes in organised draws.  

7. The Boxes 
Seperate boxes for bills, forms, letters and other paper you may have floating around.   

8. Shop on one day 
I think our day to shop is Sunday. Choose a day when you will shop for essentials and then always shop on that day.   

9. Plan ahead 
Enough said.  

10. Lists for everything. 
List things out. In your notebook. I'm already listing Christmas presents. IT.JUST.HELPS.  

11. Boxes, Jars,  Zip lock bags. 
Everything should be packed away in these kind of things. Labelled. Food, stationery, everything can go in a box.  

12. If you don't need something throw it out  
But you must be SUPER POSITiVE you don't need it. I'm not talking about phones etc. I'm talking bout old clothes, random bits of paper and so on.  

And that's it. 

Stay stylishly ORGANISED and FAB 


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