Tuesday 29 November 2011

How to get over the feelings of Consumerism (Alternative Title:Getting rid of your 'I want, I want, I want' Feelings.)

The are so many people in our world who want you to buy their products. Buying stuff is truly great. It gives you a rush of excitement, makes you happy and gives you something new to adore and obsess over. The sad thing is, these feelings don't last for very long. And sometimes the purchase doesn't help you or it puts you in debt. So, how can you stop yourself from having the urge to buy so much? 

1. When you have an urge to buy something and you know you shouldn't, go do something free. Maybe a picnic or a walk or a swim.

2. Save up. Don't spend your money on small things.Save it and then spend it on something you really want.

3. Don't buy something for the sake of buying something.

4. When you are about to buy something think if you really need it and if it would be better if you used the money to save up and buy something better.

5. Spend a week without buying anything. This will teach you to appreciate what you have.

6. Donate to charities.

7. Think of people who aren't as lucky.

8. Clothes swaps! You still get the same feelings and don't have to spend a cent.  

I know this is a fashion blog and buying clothes is great but don't do it too much. Save up for that car or that house or that holiday. You'll enjoy it more.  


PS. Christmas is on it's way! I've got a Christmas surprise! You will have to wait and see what it is. 

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