Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Thing about Negativity

I recently discovered the site: Get Off My Internets  It’s quite funny and is extremely popular but it’s basically about tearing other people down.  It’s addictive which has made me come to the conclusion that negativity is addictive. Negativity seems to have everything on its side. It’s easy to give, it makes you feel powerful and it temporarily defeats jealousy. I have many times contemplated doing a ‘Things I Hate’ post when I’m low on ideas.  It can feel AMAZING to have a little rant but the thing about posting it on the Internet is that the person you’re writing about can easily find it.  

The whole Internet is encouraging us to be negative – from the dislike button on Youtube to blogs like Get Off My Internets. 

Watching the news is negative –they never seem to report any GOOD news. Rain is negative- it stops us from going outside.  Sometimes I feel like the whole world is turning negative on me.

BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN I’M BEING NEGATIVE – you may ask.  There’s NOTHING wrong with being negative sometimes.  But when you are being negative about someone who’s just doing what they like to do   when they can see/hear what you are saying/writing that’s when it crosses the line. And when your just ALWAYS negative that can make you feel awfully sad about the world - don't you think?

So When you’re thinking about writing nasty comments and such, try for a bit of empathy.

Oh, wait hold on. What about opinions? We should be able to express our opinions on the Internet. Of coarse we should! There’s a thin line between expressing an opinion and being overly negative. As to where that line lies – I’ll let that be up to you.


PS. This is just MY OPINION about negativity - Remember I'm overly optimistic. I'd love to hear your opinion about negativity in the comments. 

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