Friday 20 April 2012

A Photo Full Mixed Bag

Hello everybody - it's foggy in Sydney and I'm happily listening to Florence and the Machine as I write this. A nice end to an extremely RAINY week.  So, many of you would remember the mixed bag post I did last month. A mixed bag is a collection of my favourite things on the web for the last month. This month's is photo full as I have recently discovered tumblr which I have become HIGHLY addicted to. This month has been a good one in terms of things on the Internet - then again it seems it's always a good month on the Internet.

My Utter Favourite Photos I've Found this Month

She's saying 'it isn't fair'
I'm not sure where this one is from  

My Absolute Favourite Links of the Month 
Marriage From A Kid's Perspective
Insane Sidewalk Chalk Art
Facebook + Pride and Prejudice
Hermes Meets Vans
21 Great Pintrest Boards for Art and Design Lovers

Song of the Month
I adore this new Flo and the Machine song. It's haunting in that genuine Florence and the Machine style.

Video of the Month
So, as you all know I adore gala darling however I've always thought of her radical self love idea as a bit sappy, I agree you should love yourself but no one wants to be IN LOVE with themselves. HOWEVER, this speech kind of pulled me over. It's quite powerful - I think.

If you have any favourite things on the web this month feel free to share in the comments.
Happy weekend!

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